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Unraveling Probiotics: Savor and Absorb Through Delectable Candy-like Dosage Supplements!

May 18, 2022

In recent years, probiotics have become essential to the health and wellness conversation. These health boosters capture everyone's attention, from powders to capsules, tablets, and even the burgeoning candy-like probiotic dosage forms. But how do these various forms differ, and how should we choose between them? Allow Boncha Bio, your go-to partner in health and wellness, to guide you through the complex world of probiotics and their various dosages!

Probiotics Uncovered: The Tiny Titans of Health

Probiotics, primarily consisting of lactic acid bacteria and certain yeasts, naturally occur in our gut. They assist with digestion and alleviate symptoms such as diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, and allergies. Current research suggests that increasing gut probiotics and combining them with prebiotics can unlock long-term health benefits.

Safeguarding Probiotic CFU: The Quadruple Challenge

Maintaining the CFU (Colony Forming Units) of these live bacteria is a nuanced challenge. Various factors during production, preservation, or ingestion can threaten their survival. By choosing companies with advanced technologies, you can ensure that probiotics reach the intestines safely, function effectively, and maintain a high survival rate. Here are four critical considerations:

01  Low Water Activity

Water activity measures the amount of water available in a product. The lower the water activity, the drier the environment, and the longer the probiotics can be preserved. Ensure the water activity is below 0.25 for optimal long-term preservation.

02  Low-Temperature Manufacturing:

Probiotics are heat-sensitive, thriving below 10℃ and diminishing above 40℃. Opt for manufacturers using low-temperature processes to maximize probiotic viability.

03  Formulation Design for Better Probiotic Survival:

Probiotics must withstand stomach acid and other digestive fluids after ingestion. Encapsulation technology can protect these beneficial bacteria from being destroyed during digestion.

04  Combining with Prebiotics:

Balanced modern diets are often lacking, causing probiotics to die shortly after reaching the intestines due to lack of nutrition. As food for probiotics, prebiotics plus probiotics create a symbiotic effect in the gut, boosting immunity and inhibiting diseases like obesity, autism, and depression.

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Decoding Probiotic Dosage Formulations

- Capsule Form:

Capsules are a popular probiotic form overseas. They preserve the stability of live bacteria and protect them from the digestive environment. However, most capsules on the market are non-vegetarian, which might not suit users with vegetarian needs.

- Powder Form:

Powder forms are prevalent in Taiwan. Though simple to produce and consume, the heat-sealing process during manufacturing exposes probiotics to high temperatures, potentially destroying them.

- Tablet Form:

Tablets are a common form of dietary supplement. However, the high-temperature and high-pressure production process might reduce the bioactivity of probiotics and shorten their effectiveness.

- Candy-like Form:

Despite the doubts about the effectiveness of the candy-like form, thanks to some manufacturers with mature technologies can maintain high nutrition /bioactivity probiotics. The effectiveness is equal to the market's probiotics products in capsules, powders, and other forms. These candy-like dosage forms are easy to swallow, convenient to carry, and have shown good market growth.


Comparative Table of Probiotic Dosage Forms

  Candy-like Form with a Filling Capsule Form Powder Form Tablet Form
Production The proprietary low-temperature process with high dose/CFU, the highest survival rate The simple production process, probiotics can survive. Simple to produce. Easy to adhere to additional substances when consumed High temperature and high pressure production process-low survival rate
Consumer Feeling Better compliance. Tasty and easy to consume, and can be consumed anytime Feels like swallowing a pill or taking a drug. Feels like swallowing medicinal powder. Feels like swallowing a pill or taking a drug.
Tastiness Delicious Not tasty Okay Okay
Palatability Solves swallowing difficulties in capsules and tablets and concerns about powder choking. Easy to cause swallowing difficulties Easy to cause choking Easy to cause swallowing difficulties
Effectiveness ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Added dose of CFU High Medium High Low
CFU after 1 year ✔️(Room temperature storage) ✔️(Required temperature-controlled storage)

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Choose Boncha Bio for Probiotic Candy-like Dosage!

As a leader in probiotic candy-like dosage contract manufacturing, Boncha Bio offers tailored services to meet your needs, whether customized or private-label manufacturing. We're continually innovating, incorporating prebiotics into our candy-like dosage form to create high-dose, highly bioactive, high-absorption, and easy-to-consume probiotic "candycueticals." Our offerings ensure that users genuinely feel the benefits after consumption, increasing compliance, repurchase rates, and expanding user bases!


While probiotic powders still dominate the market, capsules and candy-like forms present excellent alternatives. Candy-like forms, in particular, are experiencing the highest growth in consumer popularity and market expansion. They are poised to claim a significant market share in the future. Boncha Bio specializes in developing and producing candy-like form health supplements. With our patented technology, we manufacture highly nutritious, low-water activity, but high-bioactivity candy-like supplements. If you have any needs, don't hesitate to contact us!

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