Nutrient Delivery Optimizer®


Combining the best manufacturing process, food and pharma science – NutrientDeliveryOptimizer is a technology platform that optimizes nutraceutical delivery against the harsh conditions that degrade ingredients – from production to storage and through the gastrointestinal tract. The technology is also highly customizable to the specific needs of individual ingredients.

A single candyceutical contains at least 300mg of nutraceutical ingredients and retains full bioactivity. Better yet, each supplement is a delicious confection that will leave customers wanting more. The result is higher bioavailability compared to the traditional supplements through oral delivery.


How We Achieve Industry : Leading Bioavailability


Formula Design

Eight Primary Nutritional Needs + Custom Formulas

Our R&D team has perfected the formula for eight primary nutritional needs including gastrointestinal health, immunity balance, quality sleep, and other health improvements.
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We also work closely with nutritional and pharmaceutical brands to custom design formulas for their users’ symptoms and needs. Boncha Bio ODM Services


High Dose

Over 300mg of Ingredients in Each Candyceutical

Many existing candy supplements are too low-dose to make a difference, so we set about developing a high-dose candyceutical.

After testing hundreds of candy shell formulas and manufacturing methods, we created the world’s first high-dose candyceutical: with a liquid center-filling that contains at least 300mg of ingredients.


High Bioactivity

High Bioactivity Retained from Production to Consumption

BonchaBio utilizes a proprietary, custom-designed manufacturing process for each functional ingredient to ensure the highest bioactivity retention rate.
For example, our unique probiotic soft-filled candyceuticals use an extremely low-water activity recipe (water activity <0.25) at low-temperatures, and a low-pressure manufacturing method. As a result, in each probiotic candy supplement lie billions of live bacteria – gently dormant, fresh, and viable for 12 months of shelf life.


Confectionary Dosage

Three Delicious Confectionary Dosage Forms

We offer three confectionary dosage forms – chewy candies, hard candies, and bubble gums – and each one is more delicious than the next.

At the center of all three lies our flavor-masking technology, which completely eliminates any bitter and unpleasant residual taste found in many ingredients.

Can’t have much sugar? Worry not – our low-sugar and sugar-free varieties deliver the same nutritional benefits without any compromise in taste.


High Bioavailability

“Nano-Nutrient Vehicles” & High Bioavailability

Our nano-nutrient vehicle (NNV) technology ensures better bioavailability, starting with absorption under the tongue or through the oral – an "express lane" to the bloodstream in minutes.
For nutrients that must be absorbed into the bloodstream through the gastrointestinal tract or the digestive system, our nano vehicles "shuttle" them through the harsh gastric environment to achieves higher bioavailability during absorption.



Each nutraceutical ingredient takes a unique journey into the bodies of users, from formulation, production to absorption. That’s why we’ve designed custom manufacturing processes and formulas to optimize the delivery of each nutraceutical ingredient.

Let’s look a little deeper with our Probiotics and Vitamin C candyceutical technologies.

Probiotics Candyceutical

Probiotics are very fragile and heat-sensitive. Traditional probiotic products lose a large portion of bacteria in the course of production, storage, and consumption, making the supplements far less effective than they should be. BonchaBio's probiotic candyceuticals are different, thanks to our NutrientDeliveryOptimizer® platform.

With our proprietary process and formulation, even after 12 months in storage, each candyceutical still contains live and viable bacteria with a higher survival rate than traditional probiotics products.

What's more, our ProBioPod technology protects probiotics from gastric acid and bile salts, allowing more bacteria to survive and colonize in the colon – adding yet another edge over existing products.

There is more. Then at the point of absorption, the candy shell is not just for taste. It also contains ProbioBooster prebiotics, which feed the probiotics and enhance the survival rate of probiotics to colonize and deliver a vigorous boost to bioavailability – and health impacts!

Vitamin-C Candyceutical

Vitamin-C Candyceutical
The biggest challenge in making Vitamin C products is to maintain its stability and transmit it into the bloodstream with high bioavailability. Vitamin C is sensitive to heat, oxygen, and light, making it difficult to store and easily degradable. It is also water-soluble, and any excess amounts in the blood are rapidly excreted via urine.

Traditional Vitamin C tablets apply high doses to maintain high plasma concentration, but Vitamin C's acidity causes gastrointestinal discomfort in high doses.
BonchaBio's low-temperature process retains nearly full bioactivity compared to less than 5% with other Vitamin C candy supplements produced at a temperature of 100℃ - a result certified by the third-party testing organization SGS Laboratories.

Our patented nano-scale encapsulation technology, NanoNutriCarrier®, not only increases stability and protects Vitamin C against degradation and oxidation but also releases nutrients slowly to maintain longer efficacy while avoiding gastrointestinal discomfort.