What We Do

We partner with nutritional brands and pharmaceutical companies to design and manufacture “candyceuticals” that are both delicious and deliver high doses and industry-best bioavailability.

Our ultimate goal is to revolutionize the preventive medicine market by ending the trade-offs between taste and effectiveness. Forever.

Why boncha Bio?

The truth is a hard pill to swallow: 50% of people will struggle to swallow pills and capsules at some point in their lifetime and end up skipping the nutrients they need. The problem is especially serious for infants and the elderly. There are user-friendly dosage forms on the market, but these often pack low doses and deliver less of the vital ingredients people need. The trade-off between taste and effectiveness has never been resolved.

Until now. Here at BonchaBio, we've developed manufacturing technologies to make "candyceuticals" that are delicious and as effective as traditional supplements. Our proprietary technology platform is the NutrientDeliveryOptimizer®.
From probiotics to sleep aids, from chewy candy capsules to hard candy capsules, we make candyceuticals that people will love eating so much, they'll live longer – and healthier.
We are now partnering with nutritional brands and pharma companies in several countries to redefine the preventive medicine market, and change the way people take supplements.
We are BonchaBio, and we're starting a Bonbon Revolution.


Quality is key to the nutraceutical industry. BonchaBio’s manufacturing facilities, compliant with cleanroom standards, are certified to HACCP and ISO 22000. Customers can rely on us to relentlessly pursue safety and quality.