Chewy Candy Capsule

Whole candy

A candy “capsule” with a chewy shell, a melding of sweet and sour balanced in both taste and nutrition. Users will literally forget that they’re taking a supplement and truly enjoy the process of getting healthy.

The filling doesn’t simply contain nutraceutical ingredients; it masks unpleasant tastes and leaves only a refreshing flavor of natural fruits. Our proprietary production technology retains high bioactivity (versus traditional confectionery production that destroys ingredients with high temperatures), while nano-nutrient vehicles (NNV) deliver ingredients into users’ bodies with maximum absorption.

As users bite into the candyceutical, nutritious fillings burst out and tingle the tongue with layers of flavor.

Perfect for daily consumption by all demographics.

We call them “candyceuticals” for a reason: we have overcome the low-dose (and thus ineffective) limitation of user-friendly supplements and instead developed confectionary supplements that are both high-dose and highly delicious.
Chewy candy

Special requirements
(depends on formulas)

- Candy shell -
Sugar-reduced / Sugar-free
Vegan / Non-vegan
Fiber formula
All natural
Clean label 
Low calories
- Central filling -
Up to 1.5g for a single capsule
Functional ingredients:
Powder, herbal concentrate (loquat), oils
Special functional ingredients: live probiotics
Proprietary manufacturing process
Maximizes probiotic bioactivity
High bioavailability through nano-nutrient vehicles

Fishy Odour-Free Fish oil
Throat care
eye care
energy boost