Inspired by Granny, Driven by Daughter

Did you know that half of the world’s population has experienced difficulties swallowing pills and capsules? My granny was one of them. She and grandpa raised me since I was a baby, and we’re extremely close.

One morning ten years ago, she fell to the ground right in front of me. It was a stroke, and I’ll never forget how helpless she looked. Facing an uphill battle for recovery, granny was degenerating at a rapid pace and desperately needed more nutrients. But the pills she got kept getting stuck in her throat, so I had to open the capsules or break down the tablets by hand, one by one, into more digestible doses. But this reduced efficacy and slowed her recovery.

This isn’t an uncommon story. It happens all around us, affecting millions of people just as it did my granny. And that’s what inspired me to build BonchaBio – to ease their pain, lighten the load on caregivers, and make dysphagia history.
What drives me each and single day, however, is my daughter.

One day before bed, my three-year-old daughter asked: “Mommy, will you go see Buddha when you get old?” I knew she meant death. It was the first time we talked about it.

“Sure, everyone will go see Buddha when they get old,” I said. Suddenly, she began sobbing and said: “Mommy, can you wait for me? I don’t want you to go first and leave me alone. Can you wait for me till I get old, then we can go to see Buddha together?”

I struggled to hold back tears, but also felt a sudden sense of gratitude that I was in the healthcare industry. Because what I was working on could not only help a lot of people, but could also help me stay with my daughter into old age.

“Yes,” I said: “Mommy will age healthily and wait for you.”

The customers who used to return meds to Alfie’s family pharmacy would surely be smiling.

Our Team

We are three entrepreneurs with over a decade of experience, leading a team from the food science, nutrition supplement, biotech, pharmacology, and confectionery manufacturing industries, and advised by expert consultants from 8 countries.

We’re united by two passions: building new technologies and products to make people healthier, and a sweet tooth (of course).