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Harnessing the Power and Efficacy of Functional Candies: A New Era in Nutritional Supplements with ODM Candy-like Capsules

October 27, 2022

In Public Health Nutrition, nutrient fortification has always been a vital tool. Collaborations between governments and industries have combated malnutrition, particularly in regions where unique dietary habits or resource scarcity lead to nutrient deficiencies. We've seen this in cereals fortified with Vitamin B12 or the refreshing glass of milk or juice enriched with Vitamin D.

As our lifestyles evolve, so does our approach to nutrient fortification. Today, the goal isn't just about enhancing everyday food nutrition; it's about meeting our healthcare needs in a palatable and convenient manner. Enter the era of delicious and nutritious treats - from traditional capsules and tablets to the exciting range of functional candies and gummy bears and the new star on the block: candy-like capsules.

However, regular QQ candies and functional gummies come with challenges. Most nutrients aren't fans of the high-temperature, high-pressure candy manufacturing process, and there's a limit to the effective dosage that can be added. Our solution to this? The birth of 'candyceuticals,' the innovative candy-like capsules.

Breaking Down the Concept of Functional Candies

Traditional supplements often come in the form of capsules or tablets. But what if we could consume functional ingredients such as Vitamin C, probiotics, fish oil, etc., as mouth-watering candies? This innovative approach adds a dash of deliciousness and transforms adherence to a health regimen into a pleasant experience. Hence, functional candies provide a friendly alternative for those who find swallowing pills challenging or discomforting, making wellness a delightful journey.


Exploring the Various Facets of Functional Candies

Functional candies can be classified into 'Healthy Snack & Food' and 'Friendly Supplement' depending on the added dose and purpose of active ingredients.


Types of Functional Candies Health Snacks & Food Friendly Supplement
The added dose of the ingredient Low dose High dose, sufficient dose for one piece
The purpose of added ingredients Conceptual addition Sufficient addition

Initially, vitamins were the first nutrients added to candies. As more functional ingredients were discovered, the nutritional composition of candies expanded, providing a host of options. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian couldn't resist the allure of these tasty treats, endorsing gummy bears fortified with beauty ingredients. These vitamin-enriched gummy bears have been breaking the stereotype that snacks are health adversaries and are becoming a trendsetter in the realm of healthy snacks & food.


The Science Behind Crafting Functional Candies

Creating functional candies involves innovation and deep technology. Most functional and active ingredients are sensitive to heat and oxygen, requiring careful preservation and proprietary production. The manufacturing process must consider factors such as temperature, water activity, pH value, and light exposure. From formula design to production to transportation, ensuring that the functional ingredients maintain an effective dosage with low degradation and high bioavailability is a crucial challenge.


Here's a comparison of the effects of different manufacturing processes on the potency of functional ingredients:


                                  High Bioactivity
Candy-Like Texture Capsule
Traditional Gummy Functional Candy
Formulation and production Add active ingredients into the central filling and go with a low-temperature production process to maintain the bioactivity of the active ingredient.

Add active ingredients during the syrup molding process, cooling, and shaping. The active ingredients need to endure high temperatures, which degrade their bioactivity.

Ingredient Degradation Factor: Temperature

1. HACCP process control, quality control at the source
2. Add active ingredients at low temperatures to avoid degradation.

1. High-temperature sterilization, ingredient degradation
2. heated to dissolve the Gelatin

Ingredient Degradation Factor:
Water Activity

High stability: The outer layer, the candy shell, creates an isolated environment.

Low stability: The condition of active ingredients changes with the environment and time.

Ingredient Degradation Factor:
pH Value

1. The candy shell blocks the changes factors of the environment, high stability.
2. Flavor masking technology for each ingredient and provide a suitable environment for the central filling.

Low stability: The condition of active ingredients changes with the environment and time.
Ingredient Degradation Factor:

Production and packaging are light-impermeable

 Impacted by package


Our candy-like capsules address the challenges of traditional candy manufacturing processes, where high temperatures can harm nutrients. These candy-like capsules make supplements more palatable and enhance their efficacy. A boon for those who easily experience and struggle with swallowing capsules or tablets, like the elderly or young children, these candy-like forms offer a delightful alternative. In addition to soft chew-like capsules, we also have hard candy fillings and are keen on further exploring a wide range of functional ingredients in candy-like capsules.

So, if you're brimming with ideas and collaborative development plans or have private label needs for next-gen functional candies, our professional ODM team is ready to help. We're skilled in working with diverse customer groups and channels for OEM manufacturing. Reach out to Boncha Bio, where we make nutrition delicious and effective.




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