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White Paper PR: Boncha Bio Introduces "Candyceutical" Technology to Revolutionize Health Supplements

January 24, 2024

In the latest press release, Boncha Bio has published a White Paper detailing a breakthrough in health supplements with the introduction of 'Candyceutical' technology. This innovative solution combines the enjoyment of candy with the health benefits of nutraceuticals, offering a novel, chewable supplement form that enhances nutrient absorption and user compliance. Read on in the full press release article below to learn about Boncha Bio's pioneering approach to overcoming the challenges of traditional supplement delivery.


TAIPEI, Jan. 24, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Boncha Bio has recently published a comprehensive White Paper, introducing 'Candyceutical' - a revolutionary, all-in-one solution in the health supplements industry. Merging the concept of 'candy' and 'nutraceutical', candyceutical features candy-textured soft gel specifically designed to contain high-dose active ingredient fillings. These capsules boast an easy-to-chew gummy texture, along with enhanced efficacy through high bioactivity and absorption rates. This innovative technology is crafted to address the industry's long-standing challenges in nutrient bioactivity and user compliance.

Read the Full White Paper Here.


Tackling the Challenges in Supplement Delivery

Despite the wide variety of dosage formats available in health supplements, consumer dissatisfaction is still common. Why do certain products fail short of expectations, even when used according to the usage guidelines? How can the pill-fatigue experience or the difficulty in swallowing capsules and pills be alleviated? Often, the answer lies in the supplement's delivery system. Issues such as reduced bioactivity in gummies and the discomfort of ingesting soft gels, capsules, and tablets are prevalent. Boncha Bio is committed to enhance both the efficacy and user experience of supplements.



Candyceutical: A Fusion of Health, Taste, and Technology

After rigorous testing of over 400 parameters and formulations, Boncha Bio has developed the 'candyceutical,' a unique blend of pleasure and efficiency in supplement consumption. These innovative dosage forms are designed to mimic the body's natural nutrient absorption process, offering the joy of chewing combined with effortless swallowing and efficient digestion.


Alfie Tsai, Managing Director of Boncha Bio, elaborates, "We've revolutionized the supplementation landscape. Our candy-textured capsules are packed with active ingredients in the core filling. We utilize micro-carrier technology to ensure smaller particle size for better absorption rates. The result is a delightful consumption experience that satisfies the taste buds and encourages user compliance."


Proprietary Production: Preserving Potency and Bioactivity

Boncha Bio's proprietary formula and production techniques effectively preserve heat- and oxygen-sensitive nutrients. "We employ a low-temperature, low-pressure, low-water activity, and vacuum production line to maintain the effectiveness of active ingredients," explains Alfie Tsai, Managing Director of Boncha Bio. "This approach is particularly beneficial for challenging supplements like omega-3, known for their fishy notes or unpleasant aftertastes." Building up strategic partnerships with leading global omega-3 companies, Boncha Bio has developed a method that skillfully neutralizes these issues, making the supplements both effective and tasty.



Advanced Technology: Enhancing the User Experience

Candyceuticals represent a significant advancement in supplement technology, encapsulating essential nutrients within a delicious dosage form. Boncha Bio utilizes flavor masking techniques to mask the strong and unpleasant odors of active ingredients, making them more palatable. Furthermore, each candyceutical is individually packaged in nitrogen-infused sachets, which enhances the stability and shelf life. Discover more about this advanced technology in Boncha Bio's newly published White Paper.



Market Acceptance: Garnering Positive User Feedback

Candyceuticals have been met with positive feedback across diverse markets, transforming the way we think about health supplements. Data gathered from various online shopping platforms indicates that a majority of customers, exceeding 90%, express satisfaction with the product. One customer shared, "It's both convenient and tasty, making it easy for me to remember my daily DHA intake," highlighting the product's user-friendly appeal. This favorable reception and high rating underscore the product's appealing taste, convenience, and hygiene, marking a significant leap forward in consumer satisfaction within the health supplement industry.



Join the Movement with Boncha Bio

 Boncha Bio is revolutionizing the global health supplement industry with its innovative approach. The company's significant partnership with dsm-firmenich highlights the demand for new dosage forms that deliver better nutrient efficacy. Furthermore, Boncha Bio proactively establishes strategic partnerships with active ingredient suppliers, aiming to resolve challenges in active ingredients application right from the source. This approach is geared towards elevating the overall quality of the health supplement industry. Boncha Bio is dedicated to empowering nutritional brands with superior solutions and a greater health impact for their customers. Step into the future of health supplements with Boncha Bio - a future where health meets taste and technology.


For in-depth insights, delve into Candyceuticals White Paper and discover partnership opportunities.


About Boncha Bio

Boncha Bio, a pioneering biotech company, stands at the forefront of R&D and manufacturing in the health supplement industry. Specializing in the creation of candyceuticals, Boncha Bio masterfully combines the pleasures of culinary enjoyment with the benefits of health and wellness. The company's innovative dosage forms have garnered golden medals at prestigious Innovation Awards in Geneva, Japan, and Korea, underscoring their commitment to excellence and ingenuity. At the heart of their operations, Boncha Bio's facility adheres to the highest standards, including GMP, ISO, HACCP, and FDA registrations. By employing third-party testing, the company ensures the quality and safety of its products, solidifying its position as a leader in delivering health solutions that delight the senses and enhance well-being.

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