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BonchaBio's Breakthrough Probiotics Candyceutical Wins Gold at Inventions Geneva

May 20, 2021

International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva 2021

The company's innovative delivery technologies make it possible to retain a high amount of live bacteria in a single probiotics candyceutical – out of the original 1010 CFUs– even after production and 12 months of shelf life.

BonchaBio has developed a technology platform that optimizes nutraceutical delivery against the harsh conditions that degrade ingredients, with the world’s first low-temperature, low-pressure candy manufacturing technology.

“We solved a problem that the nutraceutical industry had wanted but failed to for a long time, “ said Ming-Chieh Tsai of BonchaBio. “It is a real challenge to keep the bacteria alive under the normally high-temperature candy manufacturing process and to keep it viable through the harsh conditions in digestion."

“We basically had to completely rethink the manufacturing process and build a new one from scratch,” he said. ”It took us years, but once we built it, the response from nutraceutical brands around the world has been incredible.”

The company is now leveraging this technology platform to address a wide range of conditions and the needs of multiple age groups, from children to seniors. It is also working with nutraceutical brands and ingredient suppliers around the world.

More about BonchaBio's Probiotics Candyceuticals
1.    It makes consumption enjoyable with flavor
2.    It protects probiotics against gastric acid and bile salts, allowing more bacteria to survive and colonize in the colon
3.    The “prebiotics” contained in the candy shell not only feed the probiotics but enhance the survival rate of probiotics to colonize in the colon, hence health impacts!

About Boncha Bio
Boncha Bio is a biotech company headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, with a team of nutrition, pharmacology, food science and manufacturing experts. The ODM service provider works with nutritional brands, pharmaceutical companies, and ingredient suppliers. It offers formula design and manufacturing services, market-ready products, and IP.

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