The Startup Island Taiwan Podcast: Exploring Boncha Bio’s Next-generation Dosage Form with FounderCorina Huang

April 21, 2023
Taipei, Taiwan - A new episode of the popular Startup Island TAIWAN Podcast is now available, featuring an in-depth conversation with Corina Huang, co-founder of Boncha Bio, the innovative biotech company turning supplements into candy-like dosage form for easier consumption. Huang's inspiring journey began with her beloved grandmother and has led her to become a laureate of the Cartier Women's Initiative in 2021.

Boncha Bio has been making headlines for its pioneering work in creating "candyceuticals," which combine the best of both worlds – delicious taste and health benefits. By partnering with well-known nutritional brands and pharmaceutical companies, the company has managed to overcome research challenges and develop a range of products that appeal to their clients and individual users.

The podcast, produced by Meet Global by Business Next Media and powered by Startup Island TAIWAN, delves into the story behind Boncha Bio and Corina Huang's personal journey. Huang discusses the initial inspiration for the company, her grandmother's struggle with traditional supplements, and her own desire to find a more enjoyable and accessible way to stay healthy.

In the interview, Huang also shares insights into Boncha Bio's research and development process, as well as the significant milestones they have achieved.

Listen to the insightful conversation by visiting the following link:

Startup Island TAIWAN Podcast is directed by the National Development Council and hosted on Firstory. The show regularly features entrepreneurs, industry leaders, and innovators in Taiwan's thriving startup ecosystem.